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Dr. Leslie Mrejen

Dental Surgeon in Tel Aviv 


Opening Hours

Reception  Sunday  Monday Tuesday Thursday from 10:00 to18:00  

Dental Emergency

I can be reached from Sunday to Thursday From 10:00 to 19:00

Tel Aviv Dentist Location

About Dr Leslie Mrejen

Graduated from the University of Paris 7 France in 2013, I started to practice in various clinics in Paris. I perfected my skills in implantology and bone grafting at the University of Evry Val d'Essonne as well as in aesthetic and adhesive dentistry at the University of Strasbourg.

For five years now, I have traveled once a year to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to teach dentists who wish to improve their skills in implant surgery and sinus lift.

My vision of dentistry is very focused on tissue preservation. I always make sure to keep the dental organs viable and to treat them using new aesthetic and last techniques when this is possible.

I grew up in a traditionalist family and still oriented towards Zionism. So two years ago I decided to take the plunge, discover Israel by coming to live here. I am now a dental surgeon in Tel Aviv.

Check out the article in Haaretz


The Clinic

Our clinic is open from Sunday to Thursday  from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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Are you having a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dental Surgery Tel Aviv 24 hours 
Cellphone : 0532305127

To Book an appointment here the link:

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