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Orthodontic Treatment 

In our clinic Dr Liza London is our orthodontist. She realises both of treatments: Brackets and transparent aligners. We are going to explain both of the treatments the brackets and the aligners in this page. You can always ask you orthodontist wich treatment she recommends for you, it is a really personnal decision and not always the aligners are recommended for your case. That's why you need to come at the clinic for an orthodontic consultation.  

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This treatment is suitable for everyone, it has been around for more that 110 years and nowadays we see it very often in younger patients.

The alignment of teeth is made by the bracket + wire + elastics and the patient needs to collaborate with hygiene, that means it requires a high standard of oral hygiene and coming to the clinic once a month is a must for a check up.

This is the treatment of alignment in orthodontics that everyone knows and is suitable for kids of all ages and for adults as well.

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How long does it take to straighten teeth using invisible aligners?

Treatment time with invisible teeth aligners is based on how much the teeth need to be moved or rotated. The more your bite is off or the more crooked your teeth, the longer it will take. Treatment usually takes between 10 and 24 months. But if you're an adult who had braces as a child, and your teeth shifted slightly over the years, you may need invisible teeth aligners for as little as 10 weeks.

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Which company do we work with and why?

We work with the best companies of aligner that exist, those are Invisalign and Spark. Companies that provide the best quality of the aligner, predictability of the treatment and the best software to work with in order to program the best treatment and has the best tools for us  to explain the treatment

What's great about aligners? 

Transparent aligners are obviously aesthetics, easy to use, clean, comfortable and give the patient the freedom to continue his social life.

Teeth alignment with aligners is very recommended on periodontal patients, in which  the use of gentle force is used and luck of retentive devices allows an excellent oral hygiene.  

More recently the Aligners technology has also reached the younger ones, orthopedic treatments are nowadays a part of the aligners world! 

Even though the highest demand of aesthetic orthodontic treatments come from adults, kids also are joining the trend for a more comfortable and aesthetic treatment.

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How do the aligners work?

Once a dentist or orthodontist decides how to correct your bite, they'll make a plan for moving your teeth. If you get the clear aligners, you’ll be fitted for several versions that make slight adjustments to move your teeth over the treatment time.

They’re made from a clear plastic or acrylic material and fit tightly over the teeth, but can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. You'll get a new aligner every few weeks to continue moving the teeth into the desired position.

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Why use invisible aligners instead of braces?

Avoiding “metal mouth” isn’t the only reason to choose a clear aligner. Unlike braces, aligners can be removed, making it easier to brush and floss well; that helps maintain better overall oral health. Correcting crooked or misaligned teeth isn’t just about creating a picture-perfect smile. It can help protect the long-term health of your teeth.

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